The Growth Bundle *NEW*

  • $64.99
  • $89.99

Looking to accelerate growth and retain length? We have exactly what you are looking for!! 

This undefeated combo wont disappoint, this bundle is formulated with healthy hair powerhouses that stimulate the scalp and strengthen the strands! Our Glam & Grow Healthy Hair Growth System yields amazing results individually, but they are unmatched when paired together! Don't miss out on this special bundle pricing! You deserve growing, glowing, and GLAMOROUS hair!

System Includes 4 FULL SIZE Products: 

  • (1) Hibiscus Chebe Strengthening Clay Wash - 8oz
  • (1) Avocado & Sea Mud Renew & Repair Deep Conditioner - 8oz
  • (1) Healthy Hair Herbal Tea & Rinse - 4oz 
  • (1) Healthy Hair Stimulant Oil - 2oz

Apply the Hibiscus Chebe Strengthening Clay Wash first to wet hair to gently cleanse without stripping moisture. 

Add the Avocado & Sea Mud Deep Conditioner directly on top of the clay wash to restore PH and proper moisture level to the scalp and hair strands! 

Use the Healthy Hair Herbal Tea & Rinse as a leave in conditioner and daily curl refresher to help detangle, hydrate, and moisturize! 

Use the Healthy Hair Stimulant Oil daily to encourage accelerated growth and nourish scalp.


  • Please see each products individual page for more information and details on ingredients, directions, and more!