Maintaining Your Crown E-Book

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Maintaining Your Crown is an e-guide you’ve been needing all your life but never knew! Many of us are new to natural hair or we frequent protective styles often. Because of this we are often miseducated on how to keep our curly, kinky, and coily crowns healthy!

Contrary to belief you can achieve healthy hair without a relaxer or bi weekly salon visits.  We are here to show you that it’s extremely easy and practical to maintain your natural hair all on your own! 

There is no quick gimmick to healthy hair! It takes a combination of consistency, care, and quality products! But with this guide, you'll learn how to build a hair care regimen that will keep your hair healthy and flourishing from the inside out!

Gain insight from Licensed Master Hair Stylist, Salon Owner, and Natural Hair Enthusiast Vee Sheppard, on your journey to growing and maintaining healthy hair! 

It’s your one-on-one professional healthy hair consultation in a easy to follow ebook! 

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