Our Story



If you ask her, she’s just a girl from Michigan that found out organic was better! Beyond Glamorous Beauty Company came to life in 2018, by way of Master Hair Stylist, Salon Owner, and Healthy Hair Enthusiast, Vee Sheppard. It has been her mission to take the way women care for their natural hair to the next level!

Her passion for healthy hair and beautifying women started at a young age. Being a third generation salon owner and stylist, she knows her craft like the back of her hand. After 10+ years of professional experience, she had tried just about every salon quality hair product on the market! She still felt they all lacked major components of maintaining healthy textured hair. So she decided to create her own all natural formulas to specifically help our curly, kinky, and coily crowns flourish!
After 1 year of research and testing, she formulated the GLAM & GROW HEALTHY HAIR SYSTEM! Since then she has helped thousands of women fall back in love with their hair, including herself! She founded 
Beyond Glamorous Beauty Company with the intentions to do the same for you and millions of other women around the world! 

We created our company to go far beyond just producing high quality beauty products, but to ultimately remind women of their worth and how truly beautiful they are! Women wear so many crowns, and we make it look so effortless, no matter how heavy it may be! We believe you deserve to feel...BEYOND GLAMOROUS!