The next step is to SEAL! We've just put a lot of goodness and TLC into our strands of love and we want to keep it there! That's where sealing comes in handy! Our oils are light enough to be used with each other! Most Queens use one oil in the morning, and the other oil at night to keep their strands super protected!

1.) Healthy Hair Stimulant: Aides in hair growth, remedies dry/itchy scalp, revitalizes dormant hair follicles. Packed with Biotin, Peppermint, Vitamin A & E. 

2.) Herbal Infused Daily Oil: Protects and Nourishes hair and scalp with 10 organic herbs and oils. Great for relieving tension in protective styles and hot oil treatments.

3.) Nourishing Shea Butter Balm: This lightweight grease is made with raw organic Shea Butter, allowing it the option to act as both a moisturizer and a light sealant.

You are now ready to REPAIR!