Prior to our final step you may need to look into REPAIR! For some the issue is routine tension, others lack of consistent moisture, and most of us just need a good detox and refuel! We have products designed to turn your struggles into strengths!

1.) Edge Repair Cream: Do you suffer from Alopecia, Thinning Edges, or Stubborn Bald Spots? Try our edge repair! All natural but packed with strength! You wont be disappointed! 

2.) Healthy Hair Stimulant: Our invigorating edge repair cream works best when paired with a few drops of our stimulant oil and a gentle massage right before bed. Be sure to wear a satin scarf at night!

3.) Herbal Healthy Hair Tea + Rinse: This all natural and gentle herbal blend can be enjoyed orally to stimulate hair growth and overall healthy hair...or as a daily conditioning mist to add shine and reduce shedding!

4.) ACV Moscovado Sugar Scalp Scrub: Suffer from chronic dry...itchy..and flaky scalp? This is the product for you! Gently cleanses, detoxifies, and soothes! 

You are now ready to move to STYLE!

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